How It Works

Connecting marketers and drivers.

Beon is a two-sided marketplace that lets drivers sign-up, and make their vehicles available for marketers to advertise on. Drivers install a app that allows marketers to track exactly where their campaigns are being shown, as well as allow Beon to determine the best suited driver for each campaign based on various factors including their driving patterns.

For Drivers

Owning a car is expensive. Gas, insurance, and other miscellaneous car-related costs add up, why net take of some of that load and make your car available for marketers to advertise and earn some extra cash.

Beon Benefits:
  • Easy money — if you drive a car, you can make extra cash
  • Drivers can pick and choose any advertiser
  • Drivers decide how much of their car is covered
  • State-of-the-art wrapping protects the vehicle and leaves no mark

For Marketers

Vehicular advertising has long been known as a very effective medium of targeting your local market. The people who will see your vehicle adverts the most are the people in your area. Local marketing produces outstanding results because people like to deal with nearby businesses.

Beon Benefits:
  • Improved targeting — by analyzing driving patterns of our large fleet of drivers we can accurately determine the most optimal drivers to assign your adverts to.
  • Wider reach - Beon's large fleet of drivers across the world means a larger reach.
  • Improved reporting - see exactly where your adverts are being displayed, and get estimates on estimated reach all in one place

Better marketing comes from better visibility.

Create Campaign

Creating a vehicular ad has never been this easy. Simply select your desired location, your desired advertising medium and upload your graphics. Done!

Wait for approval

Our team will review your campaing and request your approval, before your graphics will be allocated to our vehicles.

Track your campaign

All our vehicles come with GPS tracking standard allowing you to know exactly where your advert is being shown at all time.


Sign Up

Way more than just vehicular advertising. Turbocharge your brand and performance marketing efforts with the Beon Advertiser Platform.

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