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Beon offers commuters and other drivers the opportunity to add extra income by wrapping their vehicle in eye-catching art and commercial messaging. Beon drivers can decide on the type of wrap for their vehicle full, partial or panel wrap covering. With plans ranging from three months to year-long contract, Beon is the easiest way to make money short of finding it in the street.

Easy money

Beon provides advertising for car, van and truck drivers. So in short if you drive a vehicle, you can make extra cash.

Pick your campaigns

Campaign offers are sent by push notification to your device for you to accept or reject.

Simple On boarding

Once you have installed the app and drive for at least 50km, we will start matching campaigns to your driving pattern.

Flexible campaign lengths

Campaigns ranging from 1 month to 1 year are available for you to choose. So no lengthy contract!

Getting Started

Once you have driven at least 50 miles you will be eligible to receive campaign offers. This does not guarantee that campaigns will be available in your area. It means that when an advertiser decides to run a campaign in your city in an area matching your driving activity you will receive the campaign offer. This can take some time but is worth it. Campaign offers are sent by push notification to your device so keep Beon installed and preferably active while you wait to receive campaigns.





Average Earnings

1500 HKD/pm


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The easiest money you have ever made!

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